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kenkou’s cross-platform SDK enables your app to measure physical and mental health, in less time than it takes to eat an apple.

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A kenkou a day keeps the doctor away.

kenkou measures pulse and heart rate variability HRV — which is the varying number of milliseconds between each heartbeat. These measurements are accurate biomarkers for heart health and stress management. Combining this data with biofeedback exercises is a simple and cost-effective way to improve cardiovascular and mental health.


Place your finger over the smartphone camera to measure your pulse and heart rate variability.
Answer a few basic questions about your state of mind, your daily habits and recent activities.
kenkou delivers a rich slice of accurate and actionable data about the state of your health.

kenkou is a versatile ingredient, like the apple.

Our partners leverage kenkou for a variety of purposes, including to enhance telemedicine and digital therapies, prevent and treat chronic diseases, as well as to run remote clinical trials.

Mental Health

Measurement of stress and heart rate variability provides an accurate, low-cost solution for improving mental health, monitoring individual progress across digital therapies, and changing behavioural patterns.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a biomarker of mental health resilience, meaning it tells us how well an individual manages and recovers from stress. Breathing exercises based on HRV are an effective tool in reducing in lowering heart rate, cortisol levels, and blood pressure.


kenkou acts as remote digital stethoscope, which enables healthcare providers to identify early infection, diagnose more accurately, enrich patient records, and personalize a telemedicine offering.

Measuring heart rate is an affordable and reliable way to collect accurate and actionable data before appointments. Our technology can also be employed to create internal studies, for a fraction of the cost of traditional clinical studies.

Chronic Disease

kenkou technology supports the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. In the case of diabetes, kenkou assists in the reduction of overall stress and the risk of developing secondary conditions or comorbidities.

Regular measurement of stress and heart rate variability, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy or biofeedback exercises, such as deep breathing, helps lower cortisol and adrenaline levels, reduces overall stress and the risk of developing chronic disease.

Clinical Trials

kenkou provides an affordable digital tool for collecting, measuring, and monitoring the vital signs of participants in a remote clinical trial. It makes tracking fast and simple for participants, researchers, and scientists.

Integration into the smartphone app makes accessibility universal and our intuitive technology enables providers to gather data about participants’ daily habits and symptoms. HRV measurement can be employed as well to understand the short and long term effects of medications.

The kenkou technology is intuitive, easy to implement and scalable.

Our cross-platform SDK facilitates seamless integration into any smartphone app. The interface encourages users to measure biomarkers on a regular basis.


Over time, the daily measurements provide a wealth of valuable data and insights, which can be leveraged for many purposes, including lead generation and improving user engagement.


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