Measure vital signs with our SDK.

Our cross-platform is easy to integrate. Use it to measure vital signs, analyze personal results, and get an in-depth look into the state of your health.

A powerful vital signs solution.

Plug & Play

Our SDK is designed for science and integration: accurate, adaptable, compatible, and straightforward.

Fully Customizable

Our SDK is adaptable to suit your product needs, whether you plan to fully design it or use a slightly modified version.

Enhanced Offering

Enrich your solution by integrating our SDK: gain user interaction, valuable data points, and increased value.

Documentation for Android & iOS

Personalize and elevate your native app with our SDK. Integration is seamless, customizable, and engaging. Read the documentation to learn more.

Integrating kenkou

We have developed our vital data measurement solution to be integrated and used by every smartphone. Our processing leads to pulse wave measurement with the camera, detecting heartbeats, and heart rate variability (HRV). Our core technologies are easy to:

Build with Us

Get the kenkou SDK and leverage our vital signs measurement technology in your solution. Our technology is trusted and loved by users, backed by partners, and ready for integration.

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