Improve your app performance by leveraging vital signs data.

Develop a value-based service for users, provide comprehensive accurate measurements and HRV biofeedback to improve the patient outcome of digital therapies.

Boost your app sales and patient outcome
Boost your app sales and patient outcome


Why Kenkou?

Provide the latest standard of medical heart software in your app.

Offer your users valuable information about their heart health.

Improve your Customer
Lifetime Value with low effort.


How is Kenkou?

Thanks to the smooth integration of kenkou technology into our app, we and our customers in particular have a much understanding of the respective stress level and at the same time have been able to increase the active usage time of the app.

Marco Buhler, CEO Beurer

Integrating with the Kenkou SDK was very straightforward with clear documentation and distinct steps. We saw a sustained increase in the number of sessions and the retention rate of our users.

Alberto Perez, Senior Product
Owner Retention Team, Vivy GmbH
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Why should my company use kenkou SDK?
kenkou SDK helps you to stand out with your app. It brings real value to your customers in terms of relevant data, increases the Customer Lifetime Value and leads to better outcome of your interventions.
How is the kenkou SDK priced?
The price model is clear and easy to understand. The more measurements are taken, the more you pay. We have special offers for startups. Please reach out to our sales team.
What does it take to integrate the kenkou SDK?
It usually just takes a few lines of code and the adaption of the design to your needs.